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Helloooo, mighty Comrade. I’m guessing you’re here because you’re like me: You’re a creator, or a storyteller, or a coach, producer, inventor, or entrepreneur, or all of the above. And you’ve got some writing to do.


You have an idea that needs distilling. Or you’re creating new branding, writing your bio, or proposing a new course outline or business plan that wants clarification. Or you have a story treatment or screenplay that itches to be honed. Or maybe you’re creating a new IG account or website that's craving text that jumps off the page and exactly-captures who you are and what you do. These are all things I too am constantly doing.

What you need now, is a whip-cracker. You need a personal champion of your work, to tell you why your idea’s great, and to set goals with you. We all need this. This is where I come in.

I want to champion you. It’s what I love doing.

Book a free consultation with me and let’s talk about where your idea wants to go next.

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What I do: I get on a call with you and listen closely for the core essence of your idea, and what makes it great. Then together, we hone in on what your vision needs next in order to make it fully roar.  In short: I fiercely champion you, while helping you to make your writing magnetic, set goals and dates with you, and we get it DONE.

I love doing this work with you.

What you will come away with: a new surge of belief in your idea, a revitalized plan for your project including empowering next steps and new goals you will meet toward realizing your vision. You see, your idea is destined to captivate your readers.

We all fly much higher with someone championing us. Let's get your golden guts onto the page, storefront, website or screen, and into the hands, ears and eyes of your future clients, agent, publisher, contest, festival; the world. 

I adore this process. 

Drop me a line.
Let's get to work. 

Let's schedule a Zoom
Single Session with me
The Champion Experience

One month of Championing.

This includes one hour-long Zoom call with me, to empower you and propel you forward.
Plus weekly follow-up emails to fire you up even further.

We will talk through your project, hone-in on why it's powerful, and set goals and dates that commit you to your inevitable success.


Single, hour-long call + one month of championing.


A full month of Tara-championing is the personal ass-kick gift

that you give yourself.

Your month with me includes:

a 1 hour Zoom of listening, envisioning, planning

and goal commitment

+ weekly follow-up emails to bolster you even more.

Together, we  will design your next steps toward getting your project into the world.

I will be your realization coach, as your creative ideas lead us.

Let's get on a Zoom together and dive into your work.

3 Months of Championing
The Champion Immersion

Three months of Tara-Championing. Best deal. Every month for 3 months: One hour-long Zoom session - you pick when.

Plus goal-specific emails from me every week, throughout our three months together.


Shout from the mountaintop that you're GETTIN'ER DONE.  


Three months of Tara-championing gives you

maximum Tara-haranguing!

You see, I love seeing you thrive.

I am a bit of a madwoman when it comes to seeing writers, artists and entrepreneurs through to their goals.


Over the course of our 3 months together, we will create deadlines, reach them, create new ones, and think big.

Our constant north star:

Evolve your idea/website/writing to its very best.

Each month, for 3 months:

 1 one-hour call with me,

plus a goal-specific email from me every week.

I will keep your fire lit, fiercely cheer you on,

and propel your work further.

I mightily believe in holding you to your goals and deadlines,

and championing you every step of the way.

I want your idea poised and ready for maximum impact.

About Me



A writer-producer-actor right out of the gate, I love working with others.  I am always in awe of every artist's unique process, and am a fierce and devoted galvanizer of all who work with me. 
Have I mentioned I also love wigs? 

I wear other hats as well: I am a full-time mom of two young kids (the laundry!) I am a screenwriter, director, professor, guest speaker, artist, and co-founder of internationally-beloved filmmaker collective


I started acting, writing and producing in the theatre over 25 years ago. Then came TV & film, where I've been working as an actor, screenwriter, story consultant, director and producer for more than 16 years.  Concurrently,  I am a professor at the renowned George Brown Theatre School, Toronto, where I teach acting, audition skills, and artist-innovation.  I am also a guest professor at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

What fuels me, every step of the way:

I am LIT UP about working with artists and writers and bringing her / his / their / your ideas fully to life. It's just my thing. I am on fire about nurturing the exact thing your soul wants to say.

I am a born barn-raiser.

A barn-raiser of your writing and of YOUR IDEAS.

My personal goal: Nurture and champion the fire inside of every artist-writer-creator, and elevate the collective spirit of the world.

My belief: You must get your idea into the world. This inner calling in each of us - it is why we are all here.  Answering this call is what fills us all with light, joy, and peace. Also we should all wear funny hats and fake mustaches far more often, I feel.


Serving you virtually, wherever you are.
Email me with any questions, any time. 
Let's set up
 a call and create a plan that works for you:
Join my mailing list for random gold in your InBox to FUEL YOUR CREATIVE FIRE, dear mighty comrade. Keep going. Keep writing. Keep making. Never stop.

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