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Your Magnificent Cells

Dear Mighty, Writers and Makers.

A blog for you here, about your magnificent cells.

My goal, in everything I write for you: Open more gateways to your own, Most-Thriving, Most-Satisfied Soul.

Gateway for today: the miraculous hum of your cells.

What do I mean by this? Read on.

I am learning to listen to this amazing, built-in intercom system we sometimes hear about: my own cells. You too? Listening to my cells, I am learning, is opening a new and much bigger doorway… to making more room in my life for what I love making.

What do cells have to do with making stuff, you ask?

Listening to my cells – and even offering love and gratitude to my cells - I am discovering, is the way to dissipate worry, and redirect your thoughts and energy toward what I want to create.

Here’s how it goes for me – maybe you too:

1. I have daily anxiety and worry. This anxiety takes the form of an endless-stream-of-thoughts-in-my-head, that basically make me feel terrible.

2. Examples of these cycling thoughts that make me feel terrible: “You shouldn’t have said that / you aren’t a good enough friend / you aren’t a good parent / you are terrible with correspondence / you have a poor ability to focus / if only you spent more time writing / you aren’t talented / you’re embarrassing in general / people cringe when they see you.”

3. Outwardly, you would never know this is happening. I might be unloading the dishwasher in the morning...or making coffee…or rushing around…or chatting with a neighbour…while INWARDLY, I am flooded with adrenaline, turning over possible future failures or failures that have already happened – or generally reviewing all of the areas in which I am falling short. There are endless ways I am falling short, apparently.

4. WTF.

5. (Anyone else?)

6. These cycling, critical thoughts in my head DO NOT enable my Thriving! Or anyone’s Thriving!

7. New awareness: I can daily contend with GETTING PULLED INTO THIS VOICE…OR NOT.

8. This new awareness is amazing to me.

9. THIS CONTENDING, this noticing, this stepping-outside-of-these-asshole-thoughts, this place of NEW CHOOSING, is a revelatory new juncture in my process.

You too?

This contending-place, is where I am Now Choosing To Listen To My Cells Instead.


11. Body-Cell-Signals I now pay attention to:

When my body feels crummy in any way – tired – worried – tense – sad – held-breath – embarrassed- angry – bitter – nervous – jealous – stung - hurt – whenever I feel THE HUM of ANXIETY – (which is daily) –


I can turn, IN THE VERY MOMENT, toward listening to my cells, and toward a source of joy / peace / ease.


I can turn to music. I can turn to YouTube videos that fill me with empowerment. I can light a candle to change the energy in the room. (I do this often. Try it. Seriously.)

I can go for a walk.


My CELLS are the messengers of my Inner Compass For Thriving!

Thriving is our True North, people!

My cells are my comrades, telling me that when I am feeling bad, I can STEP AWAY FROM THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. When I listen to my Thoughts – and not my cells – then I get pulled into the Fear, Shame, Dread or Panic. -But when I LISTEN TO MY CELLS, I am reminded that I am a miraculous human who is born to Expand and Feel Magnificent.

In summary: Life is just too miraculous, precious and short for awful thoughts.

My new conclusion:

I’m not doing this worrying thing anymore. Period. Full stop. I am HALTING this self-berating pattern I have now learned to see. No matter what I have to do. Including meditation. -Which I am still learning how to do. :)

Most importantly:


End of today’s blog post:

At the magnificent age of 47, I am NOW COMMITTING TO TOTAL SELF LOVE. 24-7. Even if I learned this at 89, it would be a victory.

Learning Total Self Love at any point, is THE TICKET, PEEPS!

Now, I can focus WAY MORE on the stuff I love doing, which is WEARING WIGS AND COSTUMES AND AND MAKING STORIES.

Anyone else feeling me?

What’s your greatest joy? Is it designing a new business? Singing? Dance moves? Engineering a new invention? Painting? Knitting? Sketch comedy? Pom poms? Studying insects? Writing blogs?

Go forth, Listen to your Luminous Cells who Adore You, and Step Outside of Worry.

Go forth and DO AND MAKE the things that bring you JOY.

I am with you wiiiitttthhh you in this.


We got this.

Your Comrade in Following Our True North,


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